Electric-Taxi Experiment Asks if City’s Cabbies Can Spare the Time to Plug In


The taxis are not entirely yellow. Their drivers are allowed to refuse certain fares. Even the smell is different, with no oil-rich odor greeting riders at the door.

Months before the city’s Taxi of Tomorrow is scheduled to reach the road, officials have already turned their attention to the type of vehicle that might replace it.

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Four-Wheeled Future: Taking a Ride in New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow”


Starting this fall, the mean streets of New York will have a new top banana, vehicularly speaking. After a reign by the venerable Ford Crown Victoria that seemingly began during the second mayoral administration of William F. Havemeyer, citizens of Gotham are to finally be granted a new taxi. Or, more to the point, 14,000 new taxis—each of them a Nissan NV200—which will phased in, in fulvous waves, over the coming years.

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Uber Lawsuit: Popular On-Demand Limo App Hit With Lawsuit From Cab Drivers


Cab drivers in San Francisco have filed a class action lawsuit against mobile taxi/town car app service Uber, alleging the company is engaging in unfair business practices by skirting rules that apply to traditional taxi services.

The lawsuit was filed by of Leonid Goncharov and Mohammed Eddine, two longtime drivers for the San Francisco-based Luxor Cab.

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Taxi Commission Says Credit Cards Help Drivers


The average cabby works nine and a half hours a day. A cab’s busiest hours are 6 to 8 p.m. And even as the economy has fallen deeper into recession, the number of cab rides each day in New York has remained relatively steady.

Those are among the most vivid bits of information about the yellow cab industry to emerge from a trove of new data collected by the Taxi and Limousine Commission from cabs equipped with new computerized systems that record each trip and fare.

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